This Homemade Thomas the Train Costume was really fun and easy to make. It all started with an Egg Box from my local grocery store. I attached a shoe box on the very back of the costume and used a crystal light canister (wrapped in black foam paper) for the smoke stack.

I used blue paint and covered the entire box. Next I cut out the patterns using yellow, black and red foam paper (for the number 1 and red stripes etc) and attached them with Hot glue. VERY EASY!

For the face, I Googled a picture of Thomas, and printed it out. I used a cookie tin from Christmas, and spray painted it black and attached the picture with Hot glue. I attached the face to the box with hot glue.

For the wheels I used foam board (it’s way thicker than the paper) and painted them blue, then I used a black paint for the detail. When it was all dry, I went back over and used a metallic silver sharpie pen to highlight the spokes on the wheels.

To keep the costume “up” on my little man, I used train suspenders. Added a conductor hat and train whistle. He LOVES it! And now that Halloween is long gone, he still plays in it from time to time.