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Coolest Homemade Team Rocket Couple Costume

Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

Arguably the greatest villains on a TV show, we decided they needed to be honored and remembered on the greatest of holidays. We did this Team Rocket Couple Costume with two girls, but it could definitely be even better with a guy and a girl!

This costume was created using:
T shirts (black and white)
over sized white sweater
Red fabric
a Pikachu doll
coloured hair spray
a rose
a belt
black gloves
fabric glue
black tank tops for underneath

Buy a small white t-shirt and crop it into a half top. Cut a triangle into the bottom/middle of the shirt for her slit. Use white fabric, or another white t shirt to make a skirt. Use a black t shirt to make arm bands (to lengthen the black gloves). Also using a black t shirt make shoe covers that go up past your knee. Cut out a big red R out of red fabric and sew or fabric glue it on the shirt. Buy a long blond wig (or bright red if you can find it) and spray it with red hair dye (note: the spray hair dye will give you the colour seen in the picture, which is not exactly accurate so if you could use your real hair and some hair cement, or a better coloured wig. I would recommend that)

Buy an over sized white sweater at a thrift store
cut out a big red R and sew, or fabric glue it on the shirt. Wear white pants and tuck them into black boots. Dye white belt purple (or find an already purple one). Make/wear black gloves and
wear a short blue wig.

Being avid Pokemon lovers we already had a Pikachu doll. We used some old netting and made him a trap. We found the rose at a garage sale for less than 1$. GARAGE SALES ARE THE BEST!
The meowth doll was made out of t shirt fabric that we sewed and drew on.

Some other ideas include having pokeballs made out of Styrofoam or making a big Arbok (the big snake) so it is easy to carry (around your neck).
If you are attending a school with a dress code as we were, you simply wear a black tank top with the costume over it. The wig was a bit rushed, but otherwise we loved this costume and it was received very well.

Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

Homemade Team Rocket Couple Costume

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  1. Not to sound like a hater, but since when has Jesse had PINK hair? And I don’t know if you’ve ever actually seen Pokemon,but James has definitely never had bangs like that. EVER.


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