I originally wanted to make a Spiderman suit for comicon, but alas, I did not finish it in time.  So pressed on to have it done by Halloween, it cost $65 in materials, and 5 and a half months to complete.  I used about 4 yards of spandex that I sewed together, then spray painted the muscle definition before hand painting the entire costume with puff paint to give it texture. For the eyes I used plastic laminating sheets, and spray painted needlepoint plastic sheets with gold spray paint. For the shoes, I had some old aqua socks hanging around and just cut the cloth off of them, and hot glued them to the suit.  Afterwards I painted the rubber soles and sides silver.

Since completing the suit, I have submitted requests to the local children’s hospital to bring a little spidey cheer and volunteer, still waiting to hear back.  But also had gotten in contact with make a wish foundation to see if there was any way I could help out there as well with my costume.