This Silver Surfer Halloween Costume was a fairly last minute costume but it did the job and is definitely one of my favorites. I was the only silver surfer I saw that night and we went to a huge warehouse Halloween party and I got lots of turned heads, and “hey look at the silver surfer!” and picture requests so it was pretty sweet.

After looking online at silver surfer photos and other peoples costume attempts I realized the eyes ruin the whole chromed out look and the surfer’s facial expression was usually straight faced so I opted for a mask. I picked up the white mask from Michaels for $4.99 and sprayed it, along with some old sneakers, with chrome spray paint ($9.99). I backed the eyes on the mask with some mesh to help hide my eyes. Sprayed that chrome as well.

I used a bald cap and latex glue from the local Halloween store for around $15. Also picked up some silver face paint which I used on my face, neck and hands. I sprayed the bald cap with the chrome spray paint once it was actually installed on my head (had some help doing this). I wouldn’t recommend it, kind of got a weird burning sensation near my hairline but it definitely looked WAY better than the fabric paint or if I used the silver face makeup.

Used a couple cans of chrome fabric spray (cant recall cost) on the Nike ‘under armour’ style long johns and socks. Took quite a few coats. They started as black believe it or not. I was hoping to find white ones but had no such luck. Lucky for me the fabric spray came off in a few washes and I now use them for snowboarding! I kind of scraped in the outline of the pecs and abs and used some hand brushed darker paint to add a bit of detail to the otherwise plain costume.

I wanted a sweet board but also realized I’d be carrying it around all night so I used 3/8″ ply to keep it fairly light and kept it on the smaller scale but still strong enough to withstand being dropped and rough housed with. I cut out the shape I wanted on the band saw and coated in in chrome paint as well. The black lines down the center of both sides of the board are just sharpie marker.

The only downside was the amount of silver flecks everywhere at the end of it all.