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Coolest Homemade Silver Surfer Superhero Costume

I love Halloween and always try to come up with funny/original ideas that I just can’t get in costume stories. This year I came up with the silver surfer because it would be truly daring if I actually pulled it. The year before I did Destro from G.I. Joe and really liked how the silver paint stayed on so I thought I would use more of it a year later.

I shaved all my hair on my body and painted it silver. I spray painted a Speedo swim suit silver and aqua socks so I didn’t have to walk around the bar barefoot. I got contacts to make my eyes mostly white (the silver surfer has black eyes but those contacts were like $300 bucks), I got crazy looks from people all night anyway.

Total Cost for my homemade Silver Surfer Superhero costume: $100.

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