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Coolest Homemade Soldier in a Humvee Wheelchair Costume

Years ago we read a suggestion in Exceptional Parent magazine to incorporate the wheelchair into the Halloween costume. We’ve had lots of fun doing just that and making this Soldier in a Humvee Wheelchair Costume!

Christopher was dressed in camouflage pants, jacket and cap. We put a small pair of binoculars around his neck and two small flags on his wheelchair.

The Humvee was made from a large cardboard box. The box easily folded flat for transporting when not around the wheelchair. We attached string loops to the inside of the box for hanging the box from the wheelchair. The loops in the back were adjustable to be able to adjust the height/level of the box. A small piece of 1×1 can be used the inside edge of the box to add stability if the long side is bowing too much. We used spray adhesive to attach a khaki green sheet to the cardboard. Then a black marker was used to color the details.

The headlights were made using reflective tape which made for a cool effect with flash pictures or at night when car headlights hit them!

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