Coolest Homemade Sid the Science Kid Costume

My son loves Sid the Science Kid and I could not find a costume to buy so I got creative. For the wig I bought some blue felt, a stocking cap and some cotton stuffing, I sewed a bunch of little pockets then stuffed them with the cotton stuffing and sewed them randomly around the stocking cap until it was completely filled in.

I found a pattern for a hooded sweatshirt with a pocket and the pants, I used a heavy fleece fabric for the sweatshirt and a flannel material for the pants since it gets a little cold around here on Halloween. For the shoes I used blue slippers and covered them in red felt so they looked big and fluffy like Sid’s shoes. I bought the Sid the Science kid microphone and a blue backpack and then I added an iron on Sid the Science kid to the backpack.

He loves his homemade Sid the science kid costume and looks so cute in it.

Homemade Sid the Science Kid Costume

Homemade Sid the Science Kid Costume

Homemade Sid the Science Kid Costume

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  1. My 4 yr old is going to be Sid this Halloween. He is so excited! We have everything but the hair. The purple spray didn’t work. I am also interested in paying you to make a wig – you did an excellent job. Please contact me at jovncita[at] if you would consider this. Thanks!

  2. Im so sorry i didn’t see any of the comments until today. I will email detailed instructions on how i did it if you still want them. once again i am sorry i didnt get to it in time.

  3. I am not sure if you still check this or not, but my son adores Sid and I saw the costume you put together and I just love it! Would you mind emailing me how to make the hat, or I’d be willing to pay you as well. Please email me at

  4. That is just great, I love it, I’m doing my 5 year old sons birthday party of Sid the Science kid, and I was looking around to see how I can dress him up as Sid & I came accross this photo, GREAT JOB MOM!

  5. My son is dying to be Sid for Halloween and I’ve been searching everywhere for the wig. I’d be willing to pay you to make it or if you have detailed instructions, I could give the wig and shoes a try.


  6. Love love the sid costume u made i have a 15month old and sid is the only character he loves and wiil only watch him…. I have been trying to figure out who he could be for halloween and sid is the only person he knows … how did you make that wig and i know everyone asks but are you taking orders for the costume and wig…lol

  7. This is to! You nailed it, he look like a walking Sid!! You are very creative! Great job!! My daughter can not get enough of Sid the science kid, I’m going to try and make this for her this Halloween!!

  8. My son LOVES Sid and we want to be him for Halloween. I was going to twist his hair and spray it purple but I don’t want to do that to a two year old so I was wondering if you would make the hair for us. I can be reached at Thank you!

  9. I would love to help everyone make the wig. However we are a military family and i do not have the supplies i need or a sewing machine so i will give so more detailed instructions.
    Supplies: Sewing machine, thread, blue felt, blue stocking cap,pins, and cotton.
    1. I cut the felt into squares as big as you want the hair pieces to turn out. I think i did mine 4 fingers wide.
    2.fold the square in half and sew up one side and curve it around the top so it is like a finger. (you will turn this inside out and want it to be round at the end.)
    3. Turn the pouch inside out and stuff with cotton, then sew across the bottom to keep the cotton in.
    4 Get your stocking cap and fit it to your child. just fold up whatever is too big for the child. this will get stretched while sewing so it will not fit tight.
    5. Once fitted pin your pouches to the hat just a few in the back and work you way up and around space them apart a little so the wig doesnt look too full. the next row you will try to lay in between the bottom row and so on. i didnt use any strategy for sewing these on and it wasnt pretty. so just fill in your wig. keep trying the hat on your kid to check for size. Have a seam ripper handy because you might have to take some off and place them somewhere else.. Thanks for all your interest in my costume and i wish i could help more.

  10. I do not remember what it was called but it is just a kids hooded sweatshirt with a pocket, and the pants was just basic pants no pocket and a stretchy waistband.

  11. My son loves Sid the Science Kid and kind of looks like him but i was looking for a costume and could not find one….i want to know if i can pay you to make one for him?….please let me know!


  12. This is sooo cool. My 3 year old grandson is also fascinated with Sid the Science Kid and we have been trying to think of how to do the costume! thanks for all of the input and ideas!!! This is so creative! I’ll post what comes of this! He also looks like Sid!

  13. That is adorable, and so cute on your son. I babysit my grandson and we watch it almost every day. Even though Sid is a tad annoying, we love him. Great idea … I can’t tell your son from the one on TV! ;o)

  14. This costume is awesome! Could you please let me know if you’d be interested in making one to sell? My daughter wants to be Sid for Halloween, and there are no costumes anywhere, and I can’t sew a button!



  15. I’m sorry. Could you please give me a little more detail on how to make the shoes please? I showed this costume to my son and now there are no other costumes in the world! :) Thank you!

  16. for the shoes you will need
    red felt- don’t remember how many sheets i think 3 but maybe 4 to be safe.
    spray adhesive
    white string- i used a shoelace
    hard soled slippers- any color (if you can find red you wouldn’t have to cover them with felt)

    cut the pieces of felt for the toe and heel and strap if there is one.
    spray the slipper with the glue and apply the felt.
    once the slipper is covered glue 2 pieces of shoelace to the toe for the “laces”
    now use the hem tape to go around the slipper to outline the sole.

  17. When was this post posted? I am trying to get a Sid the Science Kid microphone for my son and I can only find it on Amazon for $400!

  18. I bought the microphone at the local Fred Meyer in 2010. That is crazy that these are not around anymore for a reasonable price.

  19. This is awesome and creative. My son loves Sid and wants to be Sid for Halloween I had no Idea were to start. Adorable!!

  20. This is awesome and creative. My son loves Sid and wants to be Sid for Halloween I had no Idea were to start. Adorable!!

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