Coolest Homemade Sgt. Floyd Pepper Costume

I am a HUGE Muppets fan, and never seem to like the store-bought costumes. So I decided to make my own Sgt Floyd Pepper costume.

Using lots of floral wire and yarn, I built this mask. I wrapped yarn around a THICK piece of floral wire and super-glued it at both ends (a GEL super glue sticks forever and dries almost instantly!) I then used this piece as a “frame” for the beard.

Next I carved the nose out of Styrofoam, covered it in paper mache and painted it. I glued the nose onto a pair of over sized costume sunglasses. I then attached the wire beard frame to the glasses. Tying cut strips of yarn to hang off the frame, I unraveled all of the yarn to make it lighter, fluffier and more hair-like. This took a lot of time, but the result was worth it!

The costume uses a pattern for a civil war officer that is modified slightly to look more like the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper costumes. I cut the shoulder pieces out of cardboard and covered them in fabric, finally adding the fringe to it, AGAIN USING SUPERGLUE GEL. The mustache is made from thinner floral wire, again with yarn wrapped around and a longer piece of yarn unraveled, hanging off the ends.

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