I’ve always loved the pink panther and thought it would be a really fun and creative Halloween costume. I searched online for some ready-made costumes, but found them all to be pretty lame, so I decided to put together my own.

For this homemade sexy Pink Panther costume I purchased a pink leotard, pink tights, pink fingerless gloves, a black bow-tie, and a top-hat style fedora. I sewed a fuzzy white belly onto the leotard and the perfect pink tail that I was able to find online. I also sewed some of the fuzzy white fabric around the gloves. I threw on some pink earrings, black and white loafer style pumps, and carried around a cane (I had a great black and white one but lost it on Halloween so the one pictured is a broom handle :)) and a cigarette holder.

For the makeup I painted a pink nose and whiskers and topped it off with lots of yellow eye shadow and bright pink lipstick (and pink nail polish, of course).

I also borrowed my roommate’s perfect trench coat, since I was going for the pink panther “detective” look.

This homemade sexy Pink Panther costume was a lot of fun and I was surprised at how many people recognized me!