This is my son Skylar known as “Skybot”!

For this homemade robot costume I used 2 boxes (one for his head and one for the body) spray painted silver and reinforced the corners w/ duct tape. Hot Glue (to glue the boxes and buttons and CD’s). CD’s (for eyes and gauges) Glued on buttons painted silver (for the bolts) and glued to the front wherever you would like 2 Tins w/ lids (I got at Walmart), tins are for ears and the clear lid I spray painted yellow and glued to the top.

Dryer vent for arms and legs (cut to fit). 2 shoe boxes painted silver (for feet)- (cut holes large enough to get shoes through the opening, and I printed colored gauges online and pasted them on). I cut a mouth so he could see using a razor blade. Cut holes for his arms. Black gloves

He won 1st place at 2 different contests! He loved this homemade robot costume. In all I think my total was $10. A huge hit!