When my son told me he wanted to be a robot for Halloween, I knew only a homemade costume would do. It was so much fun to make and most of the supplies I already had at home. This Homemade Robot Boy Costume was the hit of his school and all over town!

I used 2 cardboard boxes for the head and body. The arms and legs are dryer ducts. I printed out gauges and the control panel online then colored them with markers and paint. On the back of the costume I glued the inside parts of a toy laptop. The eyes and red light on the body are LED push lights that I covered with colored clear plastic.

I bought the voice changer at the Halloween store for $10.00. The ears are cardboard tubes with plastic caps that my husband found at his work, and the antenna is made of a paintbrush handle and a drawer pull knob thing. I painted the costume with chrome spray paint. The feet are 2 boxes that fit perfectly over his shoes.

It took me probably 10-12 hours to make, but seeing my son as excited as he was made it all worth it.