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Cool Homemade Powerpuff Girls Group Costume

This Powerpuff Girls Group Costume actually requires a little bit of time an effort, but in the end it’s worth it. The heads were made with paper maché and acrylic paint. The eyes (so we could see) were made with black see-through stockings. The dresses were pretty simple as well, just 2 meters of each color fabric and a black strip. Some white stockings and matching black sabrinas.

Homemade Powerpuff Girls Group Costume

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  1. My friends and I did this and we r wearing them for Halloween! We had to put wire and foam Inside the paper mâché we also just bought a strait dress form from Jo Ann’s and it worked just fine we also made a mouth hole with nylon because we found it hard to breathe over all they turned out nice. We did about 3 layers of paper mâché I think we should have done a bit more but we were in a crunch! Tip* use nude spray paint for the faces! It dries quicker and more even


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