We’ve got a lot of questions regarding where we got the dresses and accessories for our Powerpuff Girls Group Costume, so we’ll start off with that: Pink and blue dress are from American Apparel. Green dress is from Urban outfitters. Belts are from miscellaneous stores. The socks were high socks cut around the ankles. The Blossom bow is a Christmas bow from Michaels.

“The Powerpuff Girls” was a cartoon on Cartoon Network in the 90’s. The show was many boys and girls from my generation favorite show as they grew up. The blue Powerpuff girl is Bubbles, the sweet and innocent one. Blossum is the pink one who is the leader of the pack. Buttercup is the green one and she is the tough, fighting girl.

Each of our personalities actually matched the girls on the cartoon (our friends agreed), so we knew this was the perfect costume! We all also had different color hair that matched our characters (blonde, red, and black), so we played the role perfectly. The Powerpuff girls are strong but adorable super heroes. The tagline for the girls is “Sugar, spice, and everything nice… plus chemical X.” My two best girl friends and I are strong women, but we still wanted to look cute! The Powerpuff girls gave us this opportunity.

We went out and found different colored dresses, high socks that we cut, and black belts. Also, for the Blossom costume, we had to find a Christmas bow so it was big enough as the cartoon’s. We had endless comments on how great we pulled off the look, and people even told us we should do it again this year because it was so great. The reason the Powerpuff Girls Group Costume was so great was because everyone knew who we were immediately and our actually personalities embodied the characters so much. Plus, each of us looked like our character!