Coolest Homemade Pluto Costume

I have always enjoyed being challenged with costumes for Halloween. This year (2005) was no exception. My son wanted a Homemade Pluto Costume. What my kids want, the kids get. I used a child sized sewing pattern for a dog. Instead of mittens for his paws I decided to stuff them and attach them to the cuff.

I then used embroidery floss to separate for a toe affect and added pipe cleaners to look like nails. This was a really cool affect because when he would get down on all fours, the paws looked like he was really using them. Pluto’s head on the other hand, was the real challenge. I started by attaching the main portion of the material to a baseball cap.

The muzzle was a separate piece that was stuffed and glued to the brim of the cap. The ball on the top of Pluto’s head was a Styrofoam ball cut in half with material glued to it. His eyes are baked polymer clay. His whiskers are also pipe cleaners. The collar is made of green sequined trim that I purchased with the dog tag made of card stock covered in tin foil, then I used packaging tape over it so it would be shiny.

Pluto’s nose, ears and tail are a black vinyl. Cost of materials: $30, total time: 5 hours (most of the time was spent on his head and getting it to look right), him feeling like a real dog: priceless.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Pluto Costume”

  1. I love your costume…you should sell them! I am a huge Pluto collector and now my 4 yr. old son loves him too. He wanted to be him this year for Halloween, but I can not sew and can’t find one for him. So, this year he will have to settle on store bought. I really think you could make some good money from this!

  2. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pluto costume for my 4 year old daughter and nothing has come up to purchase. Your costume is amazing! Any recommendations on how I can make it- I’m a beginner sewer- or purchase one as amazing as yours?


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