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Cute Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume for a Woman

I found this website about 2 weeks ago and tried to find inspiration for a Halloween costume. The necklace I’m wearing in the photo gave me the inspiration to be a Peacock so I made my own Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume.

I took a dry-cleaning hanger – (one with a wire on top and a cardboard tube at the bottom) – and
hot-glued all of my feathers to it. I had bought the feathers at a local Craft Store after calling around for the best prices. They were about a dollar a piece. I used 40 eye feathers and about 20 shorter turquoise feathers that did not have eyes.

I wrapped the bottom of the hanger with a turquoise ribbon to hide the ends of the feathers and glue and to match the blue color of the feathers. I placed one feather at the back and facing down towards the floor to cover some glue.

I glued a black elastic band to a plastic clip (about $3 in the same craft store) which went around me, holding the tail. The feather in my hair is a decorative feather I bought and glued to a hair clip. I happened to have the black dress and bolero to cover. I used blue nail polish to cover a cheap ring in the same color by just painting it. I had fake feathery eyelashes and turquoise eye shadow.

But, my best piece was my tail!. Everyone LOVED it. I won best Female Costume at the Bar we went to and had an AMAZING time. It was the first time I had put so much effort into a costume, but it was so simple. I’m very proud of it.

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