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Coolest Homemade Paper Airplane Costume

My husband recently went into the Air Force, and in passing, I mentioned to him, “You know a simple, but unique idea that would be cute for the girls? Put a onesie on them and tape a triangle to their backs…and call them paper airplanes. Dad’s little Air Force.”

Well, I kept thinking that that would be much better than their other pre-used costumes, so I decided to make a Homemade Paper Airplane Costume. But we live in Colorado, so my girls would have to wear more than just a onesie.

So I got a white long sleeved blouse for my 2 year old and white long sleeved onesie for my 7 month old, as well as white stockings for each of them. Then I made white shorts and scarves out of a flannel, and knitted white hats to attach paper hats to, to keep them on their heads, as well as keep their ears warm. Then I made posterboard “wings” for them, which were triangles with the points cut off the top where their necks were.

The noses of their airplanes were their paper hats. Then using elastic, I made straps to go around their arms (like the fairy wings you can buy). Finishing it off with white shoes/booties, they were all set for trick or treating!

Paper Airplane Costume

Paper Airplane Costume

Paper Airplane Costume

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