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Coolest Homemade Oompa Loompa Couple Halloween Costume

A couple of weeks before our neighborhood Halloween Party I had been trying to come up with a really good couple’s costume.  One day, my 5yr old daughter was watching TV while I was cleaning and I happened to look up and I saw that she was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it hit me…Oompa Loompa’s! I knew that was what we were going to be, so as long as I could convince my husband of it. Surprisingly after not much of a fight, he agreed, so on my merry way I went to find everything I needed to get it done.

I originally was going to go out and buy white sweatpants and suspenders but couldn’t find ANY anywhere so I ended up buying white medical scrubs. I cut the length down and sewed in elastic so that they bunched up on the bottom. I then got thick white ribbon and cut and sewed an opening for the buttons and then sewed buttons on both the front and back of the pants (I was figuring easy access to use the bathroom or if they got to uncomfortable). I looked up a video on-line to make the pom poms for our shoes and painted our socks and our brown turtlenecks (thankfully I already had a one, couldn’t find any in the big box stores, so I ordered two online but when they were shipped only 1 came-2 days before the party. The company refused to over-night another one).

Dark foundation for make up with typical white Halloween face paint and blonde wigs sprayed green (4 cans each!!!).  My husband had the gloves from his FD dress uniform. Sounds like a lot of work but it only took me a few evenings to get everything made. We ended up being, unintentionally, late to the party and ended up making a grand entrance. Everyone was hysterical when they saw us (as was I as we were walking down the street to the party) and wanted to know how I convinced my husband to go along with it (he’s not always such a good sport). We ended up winning best costume!  (Ironically, another couple came dressed as me and my husband and when I voted, I voted for myself and my husband instead of the Oompa Loompas…not thinking, I was voting for the couple who were us!! I would have been so mad at myself if they won by one vote!)

We have another party next weekend, but we will be going as something different, this time. An idea from this site, but not as grand. And have already started thinking of next year’s costume and what I will have to do to convince my husband to go along with that one!!! I’ve already mentioned to him Elf on the Shelf but he’s not buying it. It’s going to be a long year.

Coolest Homemade Oompa Loompa Couple Halloween Costume

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