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Coolest Homemade Nanny McPhee Halloween Costume Idea

We went to see Nanny McPhee Returns at the movies and afterwards my 4 year old daughter said ‘that is who I want to be for Halloween!’. I was so glad that she didn’t want to be a princess or a fairy again so I got right to work on this homemade Nanny McPhee Halloween costume idea.

I went to the thrift shop and found a black skirt, black turtleneck, and a black shawl. I found a derby hat at a party store and I hot glued ribbon to it so it could tie below her chin. I bought a black feather to stick into the side of the hat. I bought a gray wig through a costume store online. Found a set of fake teeth at the dollar store and cut off all but one tooth. Also purchased a black crow for her to tote around. We just happened to have a cane around the house so my husband cut it down to fit her size.

To finish it all off I drew brown moles on her face with a brown eyeliner.

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