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Coolest Homemade Ms. Frizzle Costume

I have always been looking for the best redhead costumes since I am a redhead. I have been Princess Fiona, Raggedy Ann, Ginger Spice, Poison Ivy, Dorothy, and Pebbles in the past. This past year I wanted to buy a Ms.Frizzle costume but there weren’t any available. I knew I wanted fun jewelry and shoes to make it as cartoonish as possible.

At first I wanted a full dress (not full length because I was going out in college town so it needed to be easy to run around in). I then found that I do not have any sewing or pinning abilities what-so-ever. I bought a lot of solar system fabric that I wanted to be the entire dress. I then first tried to make the skirt. I took tape and put it sticky side up on my floor (about 4 1/2 feet) I then took the fabric and design side down i put it on the tape scrunching every 2 inches to make it have pleats like a cheer-leading skirt would have. I then took tape and sticky side down taped over the other piece of tape to hold the top of the skirt together. Then I cut the skirt a length I wanted and pinned the fabric in certain areas to make sure it would stay in place. To make the skirt puff out I bought 2 children’s ballerina dresses from Walmart for $5 each to wear under the skirt I made.

To make my shirt I bought iron on pieces to stick fabric together. I then cut out certain planets from the fabric I made my skirt with and used the iron on pieces to stick those randomly on a black t-shirt. (I also got iron on letters and quoted the Magic School Bus song on the back)

I then bought a pack of bubble planet stickers and put them on my shoes. The extra ones I had i stuck to old earrings so I can have Saturn earrings.

For my belt I used an old belt from 6th grade that had sparkles on it and I pasted a picture of the magic school bus on it.

Lastly I printed out a picture of Liz the lizard and taped it to my purse. Then I crimped my hair and went out for Halloween!

The costume was a huge success. Everyone on campus loved it because they all watched the show. People would start quoting it explaining “seat belts everyone!” and were talking about their favorite episodes. The text on the back definitely helped people know who I was just from behind. I am thinking of wearing the costume again this year because of the work I put into it, and the positive feedback from everyone.

Homemade Ms. Frizzle Costume

Homemade Ms. Frizzle Costume

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