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Coolest Homemade Mr. T and His Girl Costume

Mr. T and his girl costume…”I pity the fool” that does not love this homemade costume. The hardest part is painting your face. I gathered up some army cargo pants, red tight shirt, weight training belt, army boots that laced up, and all the gold bling for the perfect Mr. T!!! You can NEVER have too much gold.

I cut the mohawk out of some black felt I bought at Hobby Lobby. My hubby is bald anyway so I just painted his head and then used double sided velcro to adhere it. I also bought a black mustache to give Mr. T is perfect look. I added some gold sunglasses for extra disguise.

My outfit was random but it was a couple theme party so I went as his date. I recommend you allow enough time to paint all the brown makeup on well. It takes quite awhile to get total coverage.

This costume is a SURE HIT and it will get lots of laughs. Good Luck… so many people did not even have a clue who we really were that night. Memorable costume for sure. Happy Halloween

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