Coolest Homemade Megazord Costume

Well, this Homemade Megazord Costume started when I saw Caron Azul’s version of the Megazord. The amount of detail he put into it was amazing. I just had to try and make it. So I made some mock ups on paper, proportions and estimates on how it’s going to look. Starting on 9/5/09 my friend Ian came over to work on his costume as well, which will be saved for another day.

I took note on measurements on my body and applied them on paper. I then started construction. I worked on these things in this order: Torso and shoulders, arms, waist, head, feet, legs, thighs. After everything was built and went through some touch ups, I went to paper mache everything to make it look more smooth and cover up those ugly cardboard edges, as well as improve the cardboard’s overall toughness, which is essential to your costumes well being when you’re walking around in the hustle and bustle of a busy neighborhood.

Then I made a little face mask with construction paper and some yellow sunglasses to hide my face through the helmet. I got some cans of spray paint (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Aircraft Gray, and Chrome) and started painting. Once I got the base colors done, I painted the detail for the decals to make them accurate to the toy and show. The project was finally finished 10/18/09.

I documented my journey building the costume on You Tube. I will gladly send a link to the videos and answer any other questions asked.

Building VLog (Follow the Video Responses):

Final Product:

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