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Coolest Homemade Mad Chef with Spooky Surprise Costume

This is Laura’s Homemade Mad Chef with Spooky Surprise Costume. We started out with a cardboard box, big enough to fit over her, for the oven. I spray painted it white, painted black circles for the cook top and added silver tape for decoration. I cut a hole in the middle of the cook top for her head, holes on the sides for her arms and left part of the bottom open for her legs.

The knobs were found at a thrift store and the handle is just a piece of curtain rod covered in silver tape. The window is a scrap piece of Plexiglas from the hardware store tinted with leftover window tint so you can’t really see what is inside the oven until you press the button which activates the lights and sound. Which gets us to the good part – the scary surprise!

Inside the big box is a smaller box. I lined it with some silver pad to make it reflective and duct taped a set of strobe lights (with spooky sounds) around the inside of it. I inserted the “try me” button on the front of the oven so kids could push it and get spooked. The styling doll head was found at goodwill for 25 cents. To make it creepy, I melted different shades of candle wax and let it run down the face and hair.

To complete the Mad Chef look, Laura wore a paper chef’s hat and we recycled a scrub jacket from a yard sale. The costume cost about $12 total to make. The MAD CHEF was a big hit at her school. ESPECIALLY when the kids pushed the button and got the full effect!

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