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Coolest Homemade Lumpy Space Princess Costume from Adventure Time

My tween daughter loves the cartoon, Adventure Time. Her favorite character is a floating purple cloud called Lumpy Space Princess. This year she requested a lumpy space princess costume but I couldn’t find anything decent online or in stores.

So I began my quest to make her the LSP costume. I bought 3 yards of lavendar fleece fabric and thread. I wanted a good form to the “lumps” that wouldn’t be too heavy because my daughter is quite petite. I found a memory foam mattress pad twin sized and folded it in half. I drew the LSP shape and then cut that out of the foam mattress. I then cut out the mouth and arm holes. I cut the same LSP shape out of two pieces of felt. I sewed the felt together about three quarters of the way like a big pillow case and  cut out holes in that for mouth and arms. I found lavender long gloves. I used panty hose for the mouth area so she could see and breath from there. I cut eyes, mouth curve and eyebrows out of black felt and the star too. I just glued those on with Elmer’s glue. The entire process took about 8 hours.

She just slid right in stuck her arms thru the holes with her gloves on and she was well insulated from the cold too. Put on some black stretch pants and black shoes and she was a happy Lumpy Space Princess.

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