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Coolest Homemade Incredible Hulk Costume

This Incredible Hulk Costume was a hilarious costume to wear because everyone thought I was a boy…I originally got the Hulk idea because I wanted the Hulk smash hands… so this is how it all started.

I bought the Hulk t-shirt from a website, got green tights, purple sweat pants (cut the bottoms to look tattered) got some cheap white shoes and spray painted them green, and bought the Hulk smash hands.

I painted my face green, teased my hair CRAZY with hairspray, then green colored hairspray. Used black paint for eyebrows. Once I had my outfit on, I tied a long string/ribbon (the length of my wingspan) to the hulk smash hands and threaded them through the back of my shirt (like mittens) so if I wanted to take the hands off to say, drink or go to the bathroom, they would just hang there instead of having to put them down and losing one!

I had fun running around (no one could recognize me!) and playfully hitting everyone with my hulk hands.

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