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Coolest Homemade Halo 3 Master Chief and Cortana Costumes

My boyfriend was really into the video game Halo, and him and his friend suggested I go as Cortana (Master Chief’s A.I. guide) for Halloween. I was a little hesitant because of the revealing nature of the character, but I ended up agreeing to the idea and bought a blue catsuit off of eBay, and a blue wig from a Halloween shop. The catsuit was too blue, so I spray painted it with white spray paint, and drew on all the computer type lines with black and purple sharpies.

To finish the costume, I used white acrylic paint and painted vertical white lines everywhere and painted some cleavage (ppl thought it was all body paint)! I cut the wig into an angled bob, had to sew in hair on bald patches at the nape of the neck, then I sprayed the wig with a light coat of purple hairspray dye. Oh, and I wore ballerina flats inside the catsuit, then glued cardboard the shape of my foot to the feet of the suit, after covering the cardboard with duct tape to make them waterproof.

My boyfriend made Master Chief. He constructed everything from scratch- including the helmet and the gun. The helmet, armor, and gun, is made from cardboard, then layered with foam, tin, plaster, spray paint, Velcro, and loads of hot glue!! The gun is all foam. He put l.e.d. lights in the helmet and gun, and a twist on and off mini flashlight at the nose of the gun. The visor is made from a wood work face shield with mirror tint ‘5%’ and gold cellophane- cut to size and glued in.

We were mobbed for pictures in our Homemade Halo 3 Master Chief and Cortana Costumes by so many people Halloween night, it was so crazy cool! We didn’t win any prizes though, and lost to a guy wearing an Obama mask. Oh well, we had fun.

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