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Coolest Master Chief Halo 3 Costume

My 9 year old son really wanted to be Halo for Halloween this year. We looked all over the internet for a costume and found either really cheesy fabric costumes that didn’t resemble real armor….or super expensive costumes that other people had made. So we thought we might as well give it a shot and try to make our own Homemade Master Chief Halo 3 Costume!

First I looked at pictures online and drew patterns on paper. I traced around the paper patterns on foam floor mats and then cut them out with a utility knife. With a lot of hot glue and duct tape, I formed the shapes into armor pieces. Then I burned in the details with a hot knife. After making all the different armor pieces ( chest piece & backpack, upper arm piece, forearm piece, hand piece on black gloves, cod piece, thigh pieces, knee & shin pieces, boots and helmet). I then spray painted them with 1 color and then hand painted them with a different color. He really wanted a weapon to go with it, so we spray painted a Nerf gun and added some paint accents.

The whole process took about 2 months….and a lot of patience! The end result we think turned out pretty good! He was a very happy little boy for Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Homemade Master Chief Halo 3 Costume

Homemade Master Chief Halo 3 Costume

Homemade Master Chief Halo 3 Costume

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