I love the game Halo and I was looking for a challenge this year and to do more than I did the year before. I searched many online forums and couldn’t find any well made Master Chief costume tutorials, so I pulled out the Master Chief figure and custom made each piece out of cardboard.

The primary items used in this costume are: 

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Masking tape
  3. Hot glue (high temp)
  4. Spray paint (6 bottles).
  5. Parachute clips
  6. Finger Lights (for the mask)
  7. Drywall Repair Screen (see-through mask)

I started with the gun prop first because I figured the rest of the costume wasn’t worth it if I didn’t have the blaster to go with it. This piece took six hours. I began with a calendar box and layered strips of cardboard until it made the shape of the blaster.

Next came the Helmet, which was by far the most important piece. This one too 23 hours to make. I made the basic round shape for the mask and started the layering process. I also used blue finger lights glued into the side for the lighting effect. This piece came with many burns and trial and error.

Next came the chest plate. This part took 14 hours. I used an old car seat box and the same layer process. There was a lot of individual pieces glued one at a time to get it to shape the way I wanted.

The arms, legs, belt, and feet took nice hours. I used parachute clips to strap them to my legs and the belt to my waist. These were all done with the same process.

I had a ton of people taking pictures with me as I walked around downtown OKC. My coworkers we also very impressed and it was really nice to bring smiles to strangers.

This was the most challenging costume I have ever created and it was a process that i started back in January and I worked on it as time allowed throughout the year. I really enjoyed the process and look forward to next years challenge.

The most challenging part of this costume was getting the size proportions right since I didn’t really have anything to go on. In the end it all came together and looked awesome.

Total Cost: $40.00