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Coolest Homemade Halloween Costume Idea: King Triton, the Ruler of Atlantica

This King Triton, the Ruler of Atlantica costume was a fun one to wear indeed. When I wore it for Halloween last year, I was actually really surprised by how many people actually recognized my character. It was freezing, but I kept my shirt of the entire time to stay true to the character of King Triton, Ariel’s dad from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

I started making the costume by creating the tail. Not satisfied with the multitude of premade mermaid costume patterns, I decided to make the pattern myself. First I measured my waist and created a tapered tail that looked natural in proportion to my body. Next I made the organza fins that were inserted into the tail. Finally, I sewed the pieces together and added the ruffle to the top.

The next part involved making the tutu, that was simple as I just looped tulle over a piece of elastic. I made this part to resemble water and hide my feet that stuck out of the back of the tail. The final pieces, the trident and crown, were made with hot glue, spray paint, and craft foam. As I glued the craft foam together, I stuffed it with stuffed animal stuffing in order give it the three dimensional shape that I wanted. After the glue cooled, I covered the craft foam with Mod Podge to seal the foam and spray painted them both with gold spray paint. The bracers were also spray painted to match. I also styled the wig and beard to better resemble my idea of the character.

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