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Coolest Homemade Great Gazoo Costume

I love Halloween. It is, for me, the best day of the year to party and have fun. Every year my costumes get funnier and it has reached the point when people expect me to dress a bit crazier each year. This year I decided to dress up as THE GREAT GAZOO; it is not a very popular character for Halloween and I made the coolest Great Gazoo costume ever. This costume was very simple to make but included several details.

The helmet, the most important item of the costume, was made from a plastic lamp cover bought at Home Depot. The antennae are door-stopper springs. I made the cape using cheap fabric and a stapler. The boots are from Home Depot and the belt is from a child’s Batman outfit.

Obviously, the Great Gazoo is a little fat so I stuffed a pillow in the front of the costume. This costume was a total hit and people took pictures of me all night.

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