I was approached by a friend of a friend of mine, who’s daughter had to be a hippo Gloria from the movie Madagascar for a dance recital. I was stoked! My love to make and create, especially costumes, I have yet to make in previous years. This was a bit of a challenge as it had to look like Gloria but still be functional as a dance outfit. Although it seemed hard a task, I had to give it a try And what so ya know, SUCCESS!

The key was to make the head sturdy and fitting so it wouldn’t bounce off during the dancing as well as using stretched nylon to cover the mouth and eyes but still transparent enough to have vision. The legs are actually like giant leg warmers and slide on like a sleeve  allowing the dancer’s body to breathe and move freely.

I think it turned out fabulous, the dance recital was a success and she got best costume too! Nothing feels better than the gratitude you get when you help someone else succeed.