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Coolest Homemade Gloria Gaynor Costume

Hi, I’m Deejay, I’m a guy aged 21 and I come from Italy. Last year I went to Venice to celebrate the Mardi Gras, a major event in that city, because of its famous porcelain masks and expensive rich costumes. So I decided to give a breathe of fresh air walking down the street dressed up like GLORIA GAYNOR!!!

I’ve always loved disco music, in particular her voice, even if I’m too young to have experienced her direct success, and I wanted to cross-dress, not trivially as some vulgar old men do, but in a sophisticated and refined manner. Obviously, with a minimum budget!!!

This was my first tailor experience, and not the last at all!!! I bought two big sheets of black and gold printed fabric and dusted my mum’s sewing machine. I had to watch a lot of her videos and photos to design my dress, and finally, I chose a compromise between fitness, elegance and easiness!

Not having all the womanly curves I had to make hips and a big backside with a pillow,on my pants and a bra with false breasts using 3 scarfs, ’cause I was too ashamed to buy a real one in a lingerie store… I didn’t really feel comfortable in a woman’s dress, but the effect was brilliant! (Maybe too much, in fact everyone in the crowd wanted to touch my enormous fake boobs to feel if they were real!!!).

Then I modified a pair of slippers into fashionable footwear (tres chic!) just by cutting, coloring, adding ribbons and heels etc….

I bought a black funky Afro curly wig, put on a pair of earrings, necklaces and wrist bangles and I borrowed a big pair of glasses from my mother to fix them to the wig itself. I then added make-up, with a little help from some pretty girls sharing my friend’s room (who isn’t really fond of women, do you understand… I offered him to change my place with his, but he didn’t accept… damn!) and I was ready to groove!!!

with less than 20 Euros, (15 of which were spent on the wig)… I was the king, ehm… I beg your pardon, the Queen of the day!

Don’t I look like her? I WILL SURVIVE….

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