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Coolest Homemade Fed-Ex Princess Costume

I made this Homemade Fed-Ex Princess Costume for my 6 year old daughter. I made it entirely from Fed-Ex shipping envelopes, Fed-Ex boxes, Fed-ex shipping labels and bubble wrap.

For the “evening gown” top I cut a large Fed-Ex box in a scalloped pattern to fit my daughter, leaving the back cut vertically down the middle to enable easy-in and out. I used the shipping labels to create a closure and applied more when removing and putting top back on, convenience!!

The “ball gown” skirt I made from the Fed-Ex envelopes (stuffed with the bubble wrap), layering them brick style with a bubble wrap layer between each row (I made approx. 4 rows to make skirt floor-length on my 6 year old). She stepped into the skirt (which should stand alone when finished) and used the shipping labels to use a closure and ensure tight fit around her waist.

Finally for fun I made her a Fed-Ex purse from a large Fed-Ex envelope with a bubble wrap strap, a Fed-Ex tiara cut from Fed-ex box, a bubble wrap Princess Sash adorned with the shipping labels, and finally an Xl Fed-ex box cut and used as a trick or treat bag!!

We received so many compliments and she also won EVERY costume contest she attended and this costume was super easy to make and recycle friendly. We went to local Fed-Ex retailer and had most envelopes and boxes donated.

Total cost of entire costume– $10.00

 Fed Ex Princess Costume

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  1. my 6 yr old son is also a big fan of FedEx and has his own collection of boxes, envelopes, etc. and of course he wants a FedEx costume for Halloween. so thank you for sharing your great creation.


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