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Original DIY Dragon Costume

I made the COOLEST Homemade Dragon Costume this year for Halloween. I decided it was fairly original and there was some cool ideas I had to get it started. I fist bought a dress that looked like it had scales. After green dye didnt take to the fabric, I literally colored almost the entire dress with a total of 4 green sharpies! I later found fabric pens to color the yellow part of the dress!! This was a MUCH faster project!

After the color was done, I decided the dress needed some sparkle! I originally started sewing on each piece of sequence but it was taking for ever so I started hot gluing them all. I decided to glue bars down the yellow part with a gold color because I felt like it look like a dragon belly! The I glued green wavy lines of sequence down the dress.

Once the dress was complete I started on the mask. I bought a thick mask from the store and ripped all the protruding pieces off. I then glues different layers of sparkling paper to create dimension and addeddragon features. Once that was done, I went sequence crazy and hot glues almost the entire mask in a pretty gold and green pattern!

Next I needed ears, so I curled green paper and glued them on. The most difficult part of the mask was the horns. I glues the green sparkle paper to itself and curled it up in a curling iron. I let it sit for a while then took it out and cut it to look like a twisted horn. To finish the mask I added long ribbon to each side of it.

Next was the wings! this was the most intricate part. I bought PVC pipe and a block of wood along with PVC connectors, 2 door hinges, and screws. I cut the PVC down to the size I wanted the put the elbow connector on and cut another piece of PVC for the top of the wing. I glued the pieces together and started to decorate. I glued a yellow mesh material onto the pipe then unwound metal hangers and shaped them into a V. I glued the v inbetween the fabric onto the elbow connector. Then I glued the fabric to the hanger and then glued sequence up the hangers.

For the PVC pipe, I cut jagged pieces of sparkle paper in several colors and glued then onto of each other the create a “scale” look. I then justed a drill to screw the door hinges on each wing. After on, I screwed the other half of the hinge onto the wood back piece. Now I had two wings on the board and needed them to move!

I glued an elastic band connecting the two wings0 tight enough so they would stay in a back position (easiest when walking through crowds) but made it to where I could pull a loop attached to each wing and they would unfold to a full expansion. I then bought some material to screw onto the wings to enable me to wear the wings like a back pack.

To finish it off I bought reptile eye contacts and wore long green finger nails!!! It was a hit at the Halloween parties! but my wings were too big to get in any doors!

Homemade Dragon Costume

Homemade Dragon Costume

Homemade Dragon Costume

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  1. Very awesome costume! I am very impressed with your creative ability! I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy costume you come up with next year. You’re a regular Lady GaGa.


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