Coolest Homemade Dorothy and Wizard of Oz Group Costume

This is a Dorothy and Wizard of Oz Group Costume. I made Dorthy’s gingham dress from a simple dress pattern. For more effect I added a shiny white sateen for blouse. I made the balloon from colored netting. I inflated about 65 balloons with helium to inflate the balloon. I made the basket from wire and burlap and added a few Wizard of Oz stuffed mini toys for decoration.

I added the Dorthy wig and ruby slippers. I made the ruby slippers from a pair of old pumps that I glued and red glittered. The Toto basket finish the look. The Scarecrow/Tinman/ Lion was made with all three characters. I made the scarecrow from faux suede of brown and green colors with patches of beige and brown with accents of straw. The twine was made for his half belt.

The Tinman was made from poly vinyl and silver sateen with accents of silver glittered buttons. I made the heart watch from a left over heart candy box. I added the grey and off white gardening gloves to finish the hands. The shoe covers were made from corduroy and silver sateen and accented with straw and silver buttons for each 1 side pair. The hat was made with suede and silver sateen and green sateen for the Lion crown.

The backside of the costume was the Cowardly Lion. I made him like a soft stuffed animal with arms around the two characters in the front. The Lion was accented with ears, tail, a red bow and a red curled wig for extra effect. Only the dress was made from a simple dress pattern.

The men’s costume was handmade from a simple sketch drawing I made. I spent many hours viewing the movie to get the details to the characters and makeup for Dorthy and Scarecrow/Tinman. It gives a smile to everyone who sees them together.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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