Coolest Homemade Doodlebops Costumes

These Homemade Doodlebops Costumes are based on the Disney Channel show The Doodlebops. My husband used to watch it in the mornings with our daughter and suggested it at as a unique costume idea. We were definitely noticeable and different from everyone else! The costumes were a lot of fun, very bright, and totally worth it!!

My husband was Moe Doodle (the one with orange hair). We made the vest out of furry, purple material and made the pants out of rust colored material – both were based on very simple patterns. His pants are high waters with huge bell bottoms that we blotted multiple colors of paint onto, then I starched the legs to make them stand out. We purchased the yellow undershirt from Goodwill, shortened and hemmed it and then used fabric paint for the stripes and the drums. He covered old tennis shoes with bright orange duct tape. Wig and gloves were purchased.

I’m DeeDee Doodle (the girl). We (I had to get help from mom on this one!) made the dress and my headband out of that funky purple fabric. I cut the “keyboard” skirt out of a thick, vinyl type material and used iron-on adhesive to attach it to the dress. I bought the wig, gloves, purple tights, a purple shirt and pink knee-high socks. I used the iron on adhesive with pink fabric for the music notes and stripes on my arms, and my socks were pulled on over a pair of high-heeled boots. Much easier than making boot covers and much cheaper than buying pink boots!

Our good friend was Rooney Doodle (the blue guy). His wife started with an old shiny button up shirt and blue snow pants that she found at Goodwill. The guitar shape on his front from his thigh and over his shoulder is blue hospital fabric cut out and hot glued on. Some blue and pink felt glued into an old blue wig, red sparkly fabric paint on the shirt, blue gloves, and old shoes painted pink finished off his costume.

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  1. You guys rock. me and my cousin when we were little saw your concert and we always watched your shows. You give me memories from when me and my favorite cousin ever always watched your shows and we sang and danced. Thank you for the memories.WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO VERY MUCH.


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