Cool Homemade Doctor Octopus Costume

This is a Homemade Doctor Octopus Costume. Trench coat is from an old Halloween cowboy costume. Mechanical arms are made from smaller dryer vent tubing. An “H” was made from PVC pipe and then small sections of pool noodle were put on each of the four ends.

The dryer vent hose fits perfect over the pool noodles. Elastic straps made the “H” shaped harness work just like a backpack. Craft foam cut into triangles and covered with aluminum foil are glued into the ends of each arm. Plastic goggles complete the outfit.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Doctor Octopus Costume”

  1. Can you tell me was the H PVC pipe harness for arms under the trench coat (cut thru) or just worn over his coat on his back? Thanks!!!!

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