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Coolest Homemade Deer in Headlights Couple Costume

This was the absolute best costume ever!! My husband and I are both hunters and thought it would be very fitting to dress up as a deer in headlights!


For the brown/tan we used Red Head long johns from Bass Pro Shop! Rather reasonably priced and extra bonus is that you can reuse them. For the white fur, used fur from local fabric store…cut out. Then sewed it onto an under shirt, cutting the shirt around the desired shape while leaving the neckband in place that way it’s easy to put on and take off. Also used the fur for the tail. Lastly we sewed real antlers to a hat with left over fur.


Bought a black dress at forever 21. Wore a cami underneath. Used Velcro and sewed tap lights to the dress, making them accessible to change batteries if needed. Used silver duck tape for the street lines. Also had red reflectors (got at Fred Meyers) on the back of the dress.

Deer Xing Sign:

Used free paint stick from Home Depot. Foam yellow paper cut into a diamond shape. Used black paper with sticky back for letters and cut out deer to tape to yellow foam paper. Used duct-tape to place stick on foam paper.

Voila! you are now Deer In Headlights. Be prepared for tap lights well to be tapped! Definitely favorite costume ever!

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