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Coolest Homemade Deal or No Deal Couple Costume

For Howie, he simply wore a suite that he already had. The shirt underneath had red stripes with a red tie, since Howie wears red or purple a lot. We put hoop earrings in, and drew the facial hair on with black eyeliner, he is already bald. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer in his suite jacket, if you didn’t know, Howie is a big germ-a-phobe. He is holding in his left hand the “deal or no deal button” that was made from a clear plastic box (had thumb tacks in it) with a red coca cola bottle cap as the button.

For the Case Girl, the suite-case was a gift received a long time ago (it was a manicure set) the number was simply taped on with black electrical tape.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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