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Coolest Homemade Howie Mandel from Deal or No Deal Costume

Well this is me and my wife in our Homemade Howie Mandel from Deal or No Deal Costume! We love your site cause gives us great ideas, or just fun to enjoy.

We chose to look like the TV hit deal or no deal, because its a neat and easy idea. We recently won first place at a costume contest cause it was unique fun and different. I’ve seen a lot of costumes here and they look great but this place was the reason I chose deal or no deal was me and the wife were fighting over what to be for Halloween. Funny thing is was I was on this site looking and we were watching deal or no deal! so we yelled at each other at the same time, lets do the TV show! Ive never seen the costume before so why not?

It very easy to do. Find a guy willing to shave his head, find ladies to dress up. Little details you might not see is, me (Howie) pierced my ears, made a (Howie mustache) shaved my head. It’s easy and fun think about us if you need better pictures let me know thanks for thinking of us.

The costume is made of regular suit (I wear to church shhhh), earrings must be a hoop on both ears, shave your head, Howie’s bald or buy a bald cap! You must have a mustache right below lip, small not to big! I used mascara!

Case girl gets a nightgown, that’s it, easy. We bought ours from Walmart, 10 bucks! The case was from Walmart too, 5 bucks! I had the numbers (13) from my job, they let me have them, you could find those at Walmart too!

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