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Coolest Homemade Cup Noodles Halloween Costume

Do you need to stay warm but still be cool on a cold Halloween night while Trick or Treating? Top Ramen or Instant noodle soup lunch is the answer. This Homemade Cup Noodles Halloween Costume is made out of a vinyl tablecloth sewn in a tube. Make it wider on the upper portion to make it looked tapered. I sewed a top for the “soup” part and cut out holes for the head and arms to go through.

The top part was stiffened by foam board to keep it circular and prevent the noodles from overflowing off the cup. Yellow felt was cut up for the noodles and glue-gunned to the top. It was garnished with green-painted beads (peas) and orange-painted wooden cubes (carrots). You could add corn, but they might just get lost in the yellow ramen noodles.

The logo was penciled in and I just used red and yellow Sharpie markers for the logo and cup design. The chopsticks (2 dowels) added a finishing touch. If you prefer, you could make a giant spoon/fork out of cardboard, attach it to a dowel and wrap it in foil or paint it silver.

Happy trick or trEATING!

Noodle Cup Halloween Costume

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  1. I need to know measurements for the costumes and how much of everything you need. Also how do u make the cup of noodles look perfect because I’m not a great artist and probably cant draw it that well?


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