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Coolest Homemade Crayon Costume

This is one of the coolest costumes I’ve ever made!

First buy some cheap red material. Measure your child from underarms to knees in length, and around the waist. Add 2″ to the length and 6″ to the waist measurement. Cut out a rectangle of material of this size. Sew the two long sides together to form a tube. Sew shoulder straps from scraps, or use same colored wide ribbon. Sew the straps to the top of the tube to form shoulder straps.

Lay the tube down on hard surface. Outline a large oval in the front center. Use masking tape to write the word “crayon” in the center of the oval. Place some old newspaper under this area and use a black marker to fill in the whole oval, right over and around the tape. When you remove the tape the word crayon will appear. For the stripes at the ends, again mark the space with masking tape to ensure a straight line.

For the hat: cut out a circle from red paper. roll it into a cone shape and trim the edges. I used a piece of red foam around the edge of the hat, but a plain pointed hat would work just as well.

For this homemade crayon costume, wear over monochromatic pants and shirt and your good to go!

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