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Coolest Homemade Club Penguin Gary the Gadget Guy Costume

My son is nuts about Club Penguin and Gary the Gadget Guy in particular. All summer long the neighborhood was plastered with wanted signs offering rewards for the capture of Herbert P. Bear. So of course, there was no question as to who he wanted to be for Halloween.

At first, I wasn’t going to make the full penguin suit. I had planned to just make the hood and attach flippers to the cuffs of the lab coat. But I changed my mind thinking he would at least be warm.

I made the penguin suit from a Simplicity pattern. I purchased the lab coat at a scrubs store, and the shirt and tie at a local department store. For the beak I cut the brim off of a baseball cap and wrapped it in yellow fleece. The beak is held on with an elastic strap. The glasses are made of poster board. I loosely sewed the arms of the glasses to the sides of the hood. They sit balanced on the beak.

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