One of my children’s favorite video games is Mario Brothers, so that’s what they wanted to be for Halloween. The Homemade Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Family Costume is pretty much the same, the only difference is the colors:

Mario: red turtle neck and red baseball cap with the letter “M”
Luigi: green turtleneck and green baseball cap with the letter “L”

I found overalls at a local second hand store and altered them to fit each lengthwise. Yellow felt was used for the buttons, which just covered up the original fasteners. The letters were made using felt in coordinating colors, with a white felt circle to cover up the logos on the baseball caps.

Mario and Luigi both wore white winter gloves. Their mustaches and eyebrows were painted on using black Halloween make-up and both wore brown leather boots.

Yoshi was constructed using a jogging suit. I had no luck finding a green one so I bought a pastel color and dyed it. I dyed the suit 5 times before I got the right color green. Eyes, nostrils, spikes, shell, underbelly, and tail were constructed using felt. The nose was made using green fabric filled with batting.

To complete the costume Yoshi wore brown tennis shoes! This Homemade Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Family Costume was fun to put together and a great family project!