For a Halloween Party my husband and I went as Charlie Brown and Lucy, the Peanuts Cartoon characters. This homemade Charlie Brown and Lucy couple Halloween costume was fun, original, and won best couple!

For the masks I used two large punching balloons and paper mache. I blew up the balloons and taped them on top of bowls to give them a base and keep them steady so I could paper mache them. I found a basic paper mache recipe online using water and flour, I believe it was 5 parts water to 1 part flour and I brought the water to a boil for 3 minutes. The boiling helped thicken the glue and make it less watered down. I used regular newspaper dipped in the glue and covered the balloons, letting them dry for a full day between each layer. I did a total of 4 layers. After the 4 layers were complete and dry I deflated the balloons and did some sanding to smooth them out.

Next I painted them using an acrylic skin colored paint purchased at a local retail store. I tried using some wall paint we had at our home but that was a fail so I highly recommend using acrylic craft paint to get a smooth finished look. Once that was dry I used black paint to paint on the faces which I researched online. I penciled them on first, then painted them over with the black paint.

To see, I cut out the large mouths and covered them from the inside with black mesh. When we put the masks on the only problem was that they moved around and looked like bobble heads. So the next step was to make them stationary. We duct taped headbands inside the masks then put them on our heads and that did the trick to make them stationary.

For our outfits I purchased a blue dress at a local GoodWill and wore a black cover up top to have some warmth. I also wore white socks with black shoes. For my husband it was difficult to find a yellow/orangish shirt so I bought a package of dye and dyed a white shirt he already had. Come to find out purchasing the dye was less expensive them buying a new shirt.

Once the dying process was complete and the shirt was dried I used some purchased black fabric paint to paint on his zig zags. I cut out a guide out of cardboard that I traced so they came out even instead of doing free hand. He wore jeans with his shirt so he was very comfortable.

For accessories he carried around a football and I carried around a Snoopy doll. This homemade Charlie Brown and Lucy couple Halloween costume was fun to make and wear. Although eating and drinking was difficult.