I got so many compliments on this Charlie Brown and Lucy costume I decided I needed to share my idea even though it was 4 years ago.

For Lucy we used a simple girls dress pattern and altered it slightly and added scallops to the neck to look like Lucy’s dress. We found four large black buttons and sewed them to the front of the dress. We then took the dress to the store and found a pair of matching socks. I would have liked to find a pair of saddle shoes but couldn’t, so she wore a pair of her white dress shoes. Since my daughter is a blondie I found a long straight black wig at the store and cut it to the right length.

Halloween is cold where we live so for trick-or-treating she wore a pair of white cable knit tights and a white cardigan to keep her warm, and Charlie wore a black turtle neck under his shirt.

Charlie brown was much easier to make. My kid was bald so we were good there. We had to go to a t-shirt shop to find the yellow shirt. I just cut the zig zag out of a piece of black sticky felt and stuck it to the shirt. You could cut fabric and sew it on too, I just went the easy route. Then I just put on a pair of my son’s black dress pants and some brown shoes. To top the whole thing off we found my husbands football for Charile Brown to carry.

This was one of my favorite costumes. It turned out so cute and I still remember, when we were trick-or-treating one lady said, “Well, those are the best costumes I have seen all night!”