Coolest Homemade Captain Static and Super Softener Couple Costume

Captain Static is the most insidious of all evil-doers. Posing as an ordinary man most of the time, he strikes when you are in the biggest rush, when you have an important meeting or need to stand in front of a crowd. ZAP!!! You’ve got static cling! Your boss and co-workers snicker as you go about your day unaware that your son’s underpants are stuck to the back of your blazer.

Super Softener comes to the rescue every single time! Able to shoot fabric softener sheets from her wrists, she can conquer Captain Static and put him back where he belongs, in your son’s science experiment! She can sort and fold laundry with one hand, bake two dozen cupcakes for the school bake fair from scratch, and look cute the whole time!

The next time you find yourself doubting whether there is any good left in the world, when despair threatens to blot out all hope, turn to Super Softener, she will brighten your whites, freshen your colors, and always, always keep Captain Static at bay!

Hope you like our Homemade Captain Static and Super Softener Couple Costume.