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Coolest Homemade Can of Pringles Costume

My costume is a Homemade Can of Pringles Costume. My face is the face of the Pringles man. I made this costume by using two Styrofoam circles as a top and bottom, connected by poster board to create a stable cylindrical shape. I left a slit in the back open so I could get in and out.

Once the skeleton of the piece was established, I wrapped the whole thing in red paper, making the arm and face holes in the appropriate places. Then, using marker and construction paper, I drew out the design of the Pringles logo by looking at a picture of it on the computer. I made a mustache and a bowtie to go along with it. I then put on red leggings and a red long sleeve shirt and climbed into my costume.

Maneuvering myself through parties was difficult, but definitely worth it. Once you pop, the fun doesn’t stop!

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