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Coolest Homemade Bob the Builder Costume

As most boys his age, my son loved Bob the Builder. I was pleased he chose this costume as I love doing homemade costumes and prefer them over store bought anyday, and most store bought unless very pricey are not very good quality. This choice was a bonus since I knew this one would be simple.. overalls which we already had, work boots and tool box that we already had and the shirt that we already had. I added a turtleneck under as we have chilly weather here in Oct. I had some kid sized work gloves in case it was really chilly but ended up to not be too bad out that night.

I went to a second hand store and found the hardhat then went home and found the Bob the Builder logo on our home computer, printed it off and taped it on front.

He won a prize at our community Halloween contest that year for his Homemade Bob the Builder Costume.

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