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Coolest Homemade Bird Costume

This Homemade Bird Costume took about 8 months to make. I started with a plain white bustier, a tablecloth, and a huge white sweatshirt. The table cloth served as a base for my wings, which I then covered with felt and sweatshirt “feather” cut outs (most of these were either sequined or dipped in glitter.) I got a few packs of turkey feathers and glued them to completely cover the bustier. I then purchased and cut up a few feather boas to serve as my neck ruff and cover my bum a bit more.

I made my headdress out of tin foil and paper mache. First I covered a manikin head in plastic wrap (to prevent sticking) and applied a thin layer of paper mache. I wrapped tin foil around a pencil and flattened out the bottom to serve as feather holders. I spaced these evenly along the center of the head and secured them with more paper mache. After the headdress was dry, I removed it from the manikin head and cut it to fit me. I painted it, glittered it and hot glued ostrich feathers into the foil holders. I glued several hair combs and wig clips to the inside of the headdress to secure it to my hair.

This costume includes only three unchanged store bought items; the ruffle panties, tights and go-go boots.

Homemade Bird Costume

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