Coolest Homemade Bed Side Table With Lamp Costume

I decided to have fun and join my girls in the town Halloween bash. I decided to go as a piece of furniture. What better to go as then a bedside table from an Ol’ Lady’s house…LOL

For this homemade bed side table with lamp costume, I took an old box and turned it upside down and cut it to look like it had legs. I then painted it brown with black outlining and glued drawer knobs to it. I stuck pantyhose out the “top” drawer to liven up the effect. I then painted a lace doily on top and glued various items to be fitting for an ol’ lady: pill bottle, bobby pins, fake prescription paper, flower and a pic of the ol’ lady’s hubby. Too bad I didn’t have any dentures otherwise I would have added those too… hehehe.

I then made a homemade Victorian lampshade out of coat hangers and fancy fabric with bead embellishments. “Hey! where’s the nearest REST HOME???” The ol’ Lady’s furniture has run off!!!

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